35 Marketing Automation Stats to Make You Look Smarter – Act-On – marketingIO

Statistics are the first thing we mention in our presentations and our articles. They’re what we cite to justify our budgets. You have only to look at most marketers’ social media feeds to see it. We marketers just love our statistics. Especially, it seems, our marketing automation statistics.So have at it. Indulge your addiction.

Here are 35 marketing automation stats to know and love and share and cite. They’re all fresh stats, too – none are more than a couple years old.Source: http://www.act-on.comBookmark for your budget presentations. Curated for you by marketingIO: One Source for All Marketing Technology Challenges. See our solutions.  #MarTech #DigitalMarketing

Sursă: 35 Marketing Automation Stats to Make You Look Smarter – Act-On – marketingIO


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